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Windows Retail Concept


Calegaro is a leading silverware manufacturer, owning one of the largest factories in the Italian peninsula. 

The store is located in the heart of Padua (IT) in a prestigious location. Calegaro's current consumers are high-end, loyal and mainly local.
Through the restyling of the large windows, we aimed to reach a wider audience, such as younger generations and tourists who are flocking to visit the medieval city. We wanted to enhance the alluring displayed items by using clean white windows, all visually connected through the black light fixtures. It gave a graphic feeling in contrast, matching with the retail interiors, which are black and white. 

Following the client's request, we have chosen a two-rail LED light installation with two types of light: mood and spot. This way, the window can also be lit at night with colourful lights to attract new visitors and entertain the pedestrian's evening walk. 

The space is designed to be flexible through openings on the plywood ceiling, which allows the interchange of support structures needed for the visual merchandising displays.

The project was developed together with Eng. Andrea Marchetto. His portfolio:



Project category – Window Retail Concept, Lighting Design, Visual Merchandising Display Concept

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