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Nappula nature concept


While at Iittala, I created a concept for a small set of items with the fundamental idea of "bringing nature into our homes." Wildness always plays a vital role in the progressive Scandinavian lifestyle, which is Iittala's best trademark. 

The central concept was to bring nature into our homes, activating the user through nurturing plants as a progressive, nordic and mindful way of living. Iittala has researched that their target user seeks balance with nature to find balance with themselves and the hectic modern lifestyle. Therefore, I thought of small glass items that allow seeds or branches to grow into plants, showing even the roots' growth. It's something that I have always been doing in my living which I find soothing, especially during the cold nordic winters where outdoor everything is frozen. It brings a warm springy feeling into a home!
The designer Matti Klenell took the project afterward, resulting in the beautiful Iittala Nappula set. During the development, the material and some aesthetic features of the product collection have changed.

Project developed together with Miikko Aarras, Design Manager, and Jeremiah Tesolin, Creative Director.
Project category – Concept Design 

Material – depending on the item.
Dimension – ⌀ 80 mm.

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