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Lumi Accessories

Unisex Leather Garments


Lumi unisex leather jackets are made of washable full-grain dyed-through sheep leather, available in black and navy colors. The creation showcases the Scandinavian design approach of wearable, stylish, and simple leather fashion. The style is, in fact, inspired by the Nordic fishermen outfits: an overall large fitting, deep pockets with snap closures, and a visor hoodie. I liked the idea of developing unisex clothing, I find it very representative of the progressive Nordic living style.

​I designed these garments when I joined Lumi Accessories as the main Design partner of the Brand Directors. In this position, every Lumi product came across my desk at each step of their development.

Project category – Fashion Design, Product Development

Material – Full-grain, dyed-through sheep leather

Lining – Cotton

Details – Detachable hoodie

Closure – Zipper and push buttons

Made in India

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