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Branding project


MyClothable was born out of the founders' shared passion for supporting a system change in the fashion industry and providing consumers with new ways of enjoying fashion more sustainably. As outsiders to the fashion industry, but with a wealth of collective experience from transforming other businesses, they set out to develop practical and easily implementable solutions that would significantly impact the environmental footprint but at a low cost and limited disruption to existing operations and businesses.

This project's role was to create an appealing branding that didn't overcome the selected brands and support while reinforcing their targeted customers' values and vision.

The detailed and straightforward graphics combined with neutral, refined tones and elegant visuals follow an international taste concept with a nordic twist. An essential part of the project was to create a detailed guideline about styling and product photography to ensure the creation of consistent, clean, and appealing images for their fashion e-commerce.

Project category – Branding, Graphic Design, Design Consultancy, Fashion eCommerce

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