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Collectables glass mirrors collection


A modern interpretation of a luxurious Murano glass mirror, drawing inspiration from the timeless Barbini historical design. With access to their archives, I delved into the essence of their legacy. However, I aimed for sleekness and simplicity to achieve a modern aesthetic. Intended to serve as a striking focal point in any space, this sizable mirror marks the debut piece in a limited collectable series. The colour palette takes cues from the vibrant hues of traditional Venetian carnival confetti, infusing the mirror with a lively charm. 

Each mirror is meticulously handcrafted, with authentic, textured Murano glass slabs carefully overlaid to enhance its uniqueness.


This exceptional creation is now available for sale, with the price provided upon request.


Product name: Harlekiini

Dimensions: h 120 cm x w 73 cm

Project category – Glass Design, Collectables


Materials – Murano glass, steel

Made in Murano Island, Venice, Italy

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