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SoffioLed Glass Lighting Design


Re-design to valorize: this is what the design of this lamp aims to achieve, by reinterpreting the traditional Muranese hand-crafted blown glass. Instead of using the classic colored glass with a white light source, in this experimental project, we associated an iridescent or opalescent glass with a colored light source.

This lamp is designed to be monolithic and organic-shaped: the user is invited to touch and caress it to switch the color or modulate the intensity of the light through a touch-screen positioned on the top. The placement of the LED light within the lamp was inspired to reproduce the iconic bi-dimensional spaces found in the artworks of James Turrell.

Project category Product Concept, Glass Lighting Design, student project

Main materials – Mouth-blown glass, Touch screen, LED lighting

​I created this prototype together with Cristina De

IUAV, Product Design course, prof. Marco Zito

With the support of Vetreria Salviati.

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