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Atelier Rwanda


Design for Rwanda.
The project was about helping rural communities in Rwanda by designing necessary facilities with inexpensive local materials.

The building has a modular structure, with a square base (81 mq), using two different typologies of gilder. The roof structure gatherers the rainwater waterfall-like towards the pavilion's center. In this way, the water will be used for reservoirs. The roof structure is made of bamboo trunks tied together on a modular architecture. It's easy to assembly even for inexperienced builders and simple to maintain, too. 
On top of it, a large transparent plastic sheet functions as a rooftop as well as windows.
The structure is design to be combined in order to create an additional external covered space.

Project category – Concept Design, Student project


Materials – Bamboo trunks, Plastic sheets, Bamboo fibers mixed with clay.

IUAV, Product design laboratory course. Prof. Gaddo Morpurgo, Assistant Filippo Mastinu.

Students: Isabella Balzano, Sara Breda, Enrico Carboni, Lei Chen, Paola Garatto, Xiaying Liu, Nicholas Restivo, Moreno Zandonà.

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