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Master Thesis IUAV

Sustainable first step shoe design


The use of experimental biodegradable, sustainable materials, and the ergonomics of the sole are the key elements of the concept. 
I designed the sole to bring the best support to the growing little feet. Once the product is worn out, it can be thrown into the organic waste, reducing the environmental impact of the product, especially when compared with the traditional products on the market.
Besides, a regular leather shoe takes between 20 to 40 years to melt in a dumpsite.

Instead, this one I developed will melt in only 748 days. It results in a footwear product that is healthy and environmentally friendly, too.


Project category – Product concept, Sustainable Design, Shoe Design, student project

Upper material – Paper-like material, Derby Satra

Lining material – Plum seed charcoal non-woven, Yamamoto Papers

Insole padding material – Biodegradable latex, Indoplant

Sole material – EP EcoPower, Tecnofilm

Stitching thread material – Cotton, Ecotec 

Glue – Water-based glue, Ecopiù 277, Chimiche Forestali

Prototype made in Taiwan

Project developed with the support and consultancy of:

- Prof. Antonello Marega (IUAV),

- Mrs. Elisabetta Armellin (E-CODEsign, Treviso, Italy),

- PhD Claudia Giacomozzi (Istituto Superiore di Sanità di Roma),

- Doct. Matteo Pasca (Ars Arpel Group, Milano, Italy),

- Brimmer (shoe manufacturer, Taichung, Taiwan), 

- Maxima (shoe manufacturer, Padova, Italy),

- Novel (foot measurement company, Munich, Germany).

The prototype was submitted to Podartis (medical shoe company, Treviso, Italy) for further analysis.

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