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Apple Tree Silk Wallpaper


Founded in 2021 in Stockholm, Ennisance is a distinctly Nordic brand with a global point of view. Ennisance takes its cue from the founder's life and her mastery of the aesthetics of art, craft and design history.


Since the beginning, I have supported the founder through the steps of creating her brand and products. We worked closely throughout the years to develop her first luxury wallpapers product collection, which required deep research due to the luxury requirements.

The Apple Wallpaper concept comes from the founder's early memories of spending time in the Finnish countryside. 

The draw resembles the fauna and flora of a Scandinavian forest, blending traditional and contemporary, east and west, understated luxury and emphasized beauty. 

Unlike traditional wallpapers, Ennisance's wallpapers have every panel different from each other, following the conventional chinoiserie visual rhythmic composition. 


When creating the illustration, I kept the same proportions in nature between elements. Then, I tried to give depth, adding overlapping features and layered ground. 


The colour scheme is decided for a specific nordic market, differently than the usual chinoiserie colour combination with a classical Chinese signature.

Realized utterly handmade, the wallpapers are watercolor and handmade embroidered using top-quality silks for threads and background material.​

Project category – Sourcing, Illustration design, Product development, Design Consultancy


Materials – Silk thread, Watercolours and Dupion silk, Silk, Gilded paper, depending on wallpaper type

Handmade in China

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