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Christmas Corporate Gifts


Caring about their best customers is crucial for a luxury brand, as Venini is. For this reason, a Christmas Corporate Gift was set as a giveaway to their best customers, mainly in Asian and Arab countries.

This glassware project emphasises the Italian colour combined with straightforward Scandinavian shapes, easy to use, contemporary style-wise and inexpensive manufacturing.
When I thought about my vision for Christmas decorations, I combined the two main elements representing Christmas in the Nordics and Italy: tablewear and candle holders. Christmas in Italy is mainly around the table, sharing time with your beloved while having long meals, so a centrepiece is a must. Then I added the candle holder because, in the Nordics, candles are widely used for the cosiness and relaxation that the candlelight gives during the long winter nights.

The project was a commissioned proposal and at that time, unfortunately, did not continue for business reasons.

Project category – Concept Proposal, Concept Design, Glass design


Material – Glass

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