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Working between Helsinki and Venice

Today, the studio works with a variety of brands and clients from around the world and its expertise is sought out across all design disciplines. A deep passion for, and knowledge of, industrial and craft manufacturing processes runs through every aspect of the studio’s work. Its projects abound in carefully selected cultural references and a keen attention to detail. The practice’s unique position within both Scandinavian and Italian design culture has given Nichetto Studio worldwide acclaim that extends far beyond the confines of the design industry.





Eye for detail

design approach

These four keywords are summarising up my fundamentals working values and design principles.

​Since the beginning of my career, sustainability has been an essential feature in my designs at every step of the production: from researching the right sustainable materials through the creation of useful, timeless, and functional products. 

I prefer to use understated and pleasant aesthetics while keeping an eye on the details to achieve the highest quality in the products I design. My designs are reflecting the principles and values of industrial design, channeled into fashion statements. Besides, my work takes inspiration by high-quality Italian craftsmanship, blended with the progressive Nordic design aesthetics and values.


I am Paola Garatto (b.1984), Venice-born Designer based in Helsinki and Venice. 
I studied at the High School of Art in Venice and afterward at IUAV (Istituto Universitario Architettura Venezia), under professors such as Michele De Lucchi, Aldo Cibic, and Paolo Lomazzi, earning in 2011 a Master’s Degree in Industrial Design. Straight after, I moved to Helsinki to work at Ilkka Suppanen’s design office, fascinated by the Nordic design principles and values. This first professional experience followed by other collaborations with famous Finnish design companies like Iittala, gaining comprehensive working skills from design concepts to technical and product development.

After working many years within the industry, in 2018, I decided to start my freelancing career as a Freelance Designer. This activity mode allows me to apply my understanding of materials, construction, and manufacturing process to a variety of projects with often tight deadlines. I also assist companies interested in finding the best materials and manufacturers, especially when looking for high-quality Italian goods.

I have worked for

Iittala, Inditex Group, Italian Chamber of Commerce in Finland, Lumi Accessories,

Mari Isopahkala Design, Minna Parikka, One Nordic Furniture Company,

Studio Suppanen, V°73, among others.

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